How to improve your SME’s website to attract customers

How to improve your SME’s website to attract customers

In an age when making connections is easier than ever, how do you do this when it comes to your business? One of the most vital parts of starting and growing a business is connecting with others – whether they are investors you hope to attract or brand new customers.

In-person events are one way of connecting with your intended demographic, and they can be a great way to achieve a more personal touch. But this will make up a small percentage of the clients and customers you could reach online. And many will end up seeking out your website.

Here, we will look at how you can improve your website to increase your growth – and why you need a website more than ever in 2022.

Why websites matter

First, a word on why you need a website in 2022. After all, there are so many platforms that your potential customers can find you on, ones that may be more intuitive for them to head to. For example, having a presence on social media is increasingly important so that you can make quick connections with customers. However, a website serves a slightly different function.

Even if you aren’t using your website to make sales, it’s still important to have a centralised hub where customers can find out more information about you. It looks a lot more professional to have a well designed website as your “storefront” than simply running your online presence through other platforms – and means you are not reliant on social media or restricted by character limits.

A website can give your business freedom – so how can you make yours better?

Think about your call to action

A website should be there to advertise your business, but it must also have an attention-grabbing call to action (CTA). This could be encouraging visitors to sign up for an email mailing list in order to get a discount, put their names down for an event, or linking them to your online store. Whatever you want to get out of your website, make sure to think about it, as the rest of the design can grow around this and prominent CTA is more likely to work on visitors than a subtle or hidden one.

Make yourself available

Nothing is more frustrating to existing and potential customers than wanting to get in touch with a business and not being able to. One small way that you can improve your image and how you interact with your audience is by ensuring that your website has prominently displayed contact information. This could be a phone number or email, or even a contact form, that allows people to get in touch with you quickly. Setting up a chatbot or a livechat function is also useful for those frequent customer service enquiries, if you are able to accommodate this.

Improve your SEO

If you don’t know very much about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), that’s okay – but it’s also time to learn! While you can direct potential customers towards your site if you meet them or if they use your services, you also want to be generating organic visitors. One way to do this is through improving your rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. You can do this by having strong SEO, the keywords that users are likely to search. There are SEO professionals who can help you out when it comes to having a site with strong SEO – and you could see a serious uptick in traffic and converting visits to profitability.

Update your design

We said at the beginning that your website should be well designed, but what does this mean? Your website needs to reflect your company, and a clunky, counterintuitive design, outdated graphics, and a difficult to navigate setup means that visitors will be put off visiting. No one wants their site to look like it was set up in 1999, and customers will not trust an outdated page.

There are many platforms and website builders out there that allow you to create websites yourself from templates, and these can be a wonderful way for some businesses to begin setting up. However, if you want to create a more bespoke look that is unique to you, and be able to tailor your website exactly how you want it, finding a great web designer is essential. While it might seem like an outgoing you don’t need to make, it will pay dividends when you have a clean, professional site with an intuitive navigation system that attracts rather than repels visitors.

With these tips and tricks, we hope you can see that a website is an essential part of your business puzzle. Not only that, but putting these handy hints into place can help you to grow just by creating an appealing site. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with DPOM to discuss your website design needs further.


Image by CyberRabbit via Pixabay