Top 3 digital marketing myths debunked

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Top 3 digital marketing myths debunked
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Top 3 digital marketing myths debunked

Digital marketing is evolving and expanding all of the time, but many people don’t realise what actually goes into creating a successful campaign. This is because all they see is the end result, without knowing how long it took or what was involved in getting there.

This means that there are many myths floating around about what can be achieved with digital marketing and how to do it well. As such, we’ve compiled the three most common myths we hear and debunked them for you. Hopefully, by the end, you will be a little more informed on what really is true when it comes to creating a winning campaign.

Myth 1: Email is not a good marketing strategy

Every couple of years, someone in the media says that email is a declining marketing strategy. While email does tend to have lower click-through rates, it’s by no means dead. In fact, 64% of small businesses use email marketing to connect with customers and a staggering 80% of marketers said they’d rather give up social media than email marketing! 

Myth 2: SEO is only about keywords

SEO was fairly straightforward back in the days – all you needed to do was choose a keyword, then plaster that over your content. To make sure that it wasn’t obvious, many simply had to use hidden text, which is white font on a white background. However, this approach does not work anymore as the search engines have wised up to underhand tactics.

Don’t misunderstand us though, keywords are still very important. It’s just that you need to take into consideration so much more than the words your customers are typing into their search engines. For instance, you need to think about the customer’s intention behind the search and ensure that your page accommodates that intent.

Myth 3: More traffic on your website equals more money

While many people think that all you need in order to get more sales is more traffic, that’s not necessarily the case. For website traffic to actually be useful, it needs to convert clicks into sales. So, you need to convince every visitor to your website that your product is valuable and your service is needed in order to persuade them to purchase from you. Put simply, it’s all about the quality of the website traffic, not just the quantity.

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