Microsoft Introduces Klout Snapshots to Bing

Microsoft Introduces Klout Snapshots to Bing
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Klout has recently struck up a deal with Microsoft to enable their users to manage their visible profile when they are searched for on Bing.

This means that individuals with a Klout account will have an advantage on the platform because they will be able to carefully customise how their personal details appear.


Klout and Bing

Klout is a service which provides its users with a numerical score to express how much influence they have online through social networks and the like.

If people do search for your name on Bing, your score will be displayed in a ‘snapshot’ which will also include links to your social networks like Twitter and Facebook and it will also display your ‘most influential’ posts and comments. Crucially for some, it will also include your public LinkedIn summary.

This is an excellent way for people to unify their online presence and ensure that they are immediately accessible. Retrospectively, it seems to be an intelligent play from both Microsoft and Klout.

This appears to be just the beginning of a growing relationship between the two organisations. This collaboration will certainly help to grow the reputation of Klout but it will also potentially encourage those who wish to be immediately visible to convert to Bing in order to improve their exposure.