3 tips on how to maintain healthy relationships with your clients

3 tips on how to maintain healthy relationships with your clients
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This is perhaps one of the most important practices required when working agency side, particularly in an industry where high amounts of responsibility are given to you from your client base.

There is a sense of wanting to dive straight into the campaign’s data and start cutting away at the cost per lead for your client, but if you leave them out in the cold in terms of understanding, it will cause your problems. There is, of course, a balance to this, as professionals, we need time and space to operate to ensure maximum efficiency but it is very important the client understands exactly what’s happening to their online marketing campaigns.

It’s important that they are part of the process not only in terms relaying their companies needs and requirements but understanding the more technical process that you will be following, which leads me into my first point.

Ensure that there is a team mentality between you and your client

The mentality of you and your client should be that you are a team, both working towards the same goal. You need to show the client that you believe in the project and that you genuinely care about their performance.

All of the account managers I have ever met genuinely care about their clients but relaying that message and ensuring that the client feels that way is completely different. There really isn’t a lot to it, keeping regular contact with clear information is all it takes.

Here at DP Online Marketing, our clients mean everything to us.

Be flexible in your approach

Some clients want you to speak to them directly and others want you to explain the detailed reasoning and take a softer approach. Some clients want reporting done in different ways and some others want the reports writing different from normal. This is extremely common, after all, we are all unique.

Understanding the way your client wants to interpret your work should not be underestimated, if the client does not like your reporting/communication approach and you refuse to change, you will likely struggle to maintain healthy dialogue, which leads to unhealthy relationships.

Let the client know exactly what to expect by being consistent in all aspects of work

This is probably the most common failure I heard from clients that have been working with other agencies. It might be that the agency allows for a “honeymoon” period in which communication is high but slowly drops off over time. This is natural to some degree, but you need to make sure that there is a level of consistency.