Why Blogging is Important For SEO

Why Blogging is Important For SEO

You may have noticed many websites of all types (including E-Commerce websites) now have a blog. There are many reasons as to why this might be, perhaps the owner enjoys publishing their ideas and thoughts or if they work with an SEO company it’s probably down to the fact a blog allows us to regularly publish new content – something Google LOVES!
Since the Google Panda Algorithm update, Google has put more emphasis on quality content, particularly fresh and unique content.


Blogging for SEO



Regular blogging can have an advantageous effect on your websites SEO. A blog serves as a method of increasing your websites visibility by publishing unique, relevant and fresh content regularly – something Google loves to see.

Google is constantly working to deliver the best results for users, so good quality content written for people and not stagnant content intended for Google.

Think about it, it makes perfect sense, would a visitor rather see a website with regular, fresh and interesting content or a site with stagnant content that is rarely updated?


Blogging for Visitors



Blogging is a great way to connect with your visitors. Blogging tips or relevant, topical information about your business can really engage your visitors and establish you as an authority on the subject matter. This helps visitors trust you and keeps them coming back for more.





In Google’s quest to return the best search results for visitors a blog is a great way to pump out great content that potential customers will enjoy reading and even link too. A Blog forms part of any content driven SEO and is a very effective method of contributing to search engine ranking increases.

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