What will Instagram Insights bring to the platform?

What will Instagram Insights bring to the platform?
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Anyone managing a business profile on Instagram has probably sought a detailed business analytics tool offering statistics on follower growth charts, most engaged users, the best time to post, follower/unfollower tracking and more. Businesses and brands who use social media platforms rely on statistics to improve engagement, and this information is all key to understanding what content should be posted and when.

Most major social media platforms already give you detailed analytics tools designed to help businesses and brands better understand their audience demographics, but so far Instagram has been lagging behind. Currently, Instagram analytics tools come as free and paid extras but Instagram has now announced that it is preparing to roll out new features which provide deeper analytics, known as Insights. This is what the UK’s fourth most popular social media platform is offering:

Audience top locations by countries and cities

Knowing where an audience is based gives Instagram users an insight into the best times to be posting or scheduling. Understanding where potential clients are located within cities and countries is also a vital element in understanding demographics. This information has, so far, been difficult to uncover and will provide businesses and brands with a greater knowledge of where their content is having the biggest impact.

Followers activity by time and date

According to the Huffington Post, the optimum time to post on Instagram is 5pm. However, you’ll want to find out the optimum time for your own customer base. This feature boosts your ability of brands to do this, allowing you to see when your Instagram followers are most active and responsive.

Gender and age distribution of your followers

Instagram Insights will give more information to businesses and brands on Instagram about who their followers are. This enables brands to better understand their audience and produce more relevant and engaging content. After all, if your brand is enjoyed primarily by 15 year-olds, a post with political overtones may not be appreciated.

These deeper analytics tools will be useful to businesses of all sizes as they can be used to understand demographics on both a local and global scale. Instagram currently expect to roll out the tools first in the US and then to the rest of the world by the end of the year.