To Boldly Go…Where Some Clients Refuse to Tread

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To Boldly Go…Where Some Clients Refuse to Tread

In the last twenty odd years, technology has both changed the world and the way we live in it. It is now at a level where it is difficult to separate science fiction from science fact. Those of you who have watched the original series of Star Trek either when it first came out (cough!) or the remastered version still doing the rounds today, you can clearly see equipment that paved the way to our present day technology. Such things as personal communicators (mobile phones), data pads (tablet computers), phasers that can stun (tasers), and universal translators (a number of apps available for your mobile).


New Tech


This procedure of developing actual new technology based on films and TV series continues to this day. Already, scientists in Scotland have created and are testing advanced camouflage that works like Harry Potters invisibility cloak. Any wearer becomes invisible as the material bends light as it hits its surface. Bet you didn’t see that coming.


Xbox Type Lasers


Obviously, the military is one sector where the tech envelope is not so much being pushed as dragged into the future. There has already been some limited success where missiles have been developed that can destroy without a warhead and is capable of travelling at speeds of seven times the speed of sound. Lasers have shown themselves to be an alternative to conventional weapons and can be controlled by one person using a games type console.


Medical Tech


On the medical side we already use host animals to grow replacement human ears, but technology is now steering us towards the 3d printing of human organs and although this is still years away, the development is extraordinary.

So, technology has made our life easier, faster, longer and more exciting. Or has it?


Online Marketing


What about marketing? Or should I say, what about online marketing? The general trend of marketing a product or service has, for many years, remained basically the same, mainly promote your product, place adverts and get a nice website. Surprisingly, for many businesses this approach has not changed. Whereas anyone embarking on an offline marketing strategy is prepared to invest in design, brochures, flyers, ads in industry magazines, few are prepared to put the same effort, time and investment into an online presence.

Technology is still racing forward and most people have a computer, mobile phone or tablet and in most cases all three. So, if your not visible on todays tech, your business is going nowhere. Of course it’s not just a website you need, you need to market it.


You are Probably Doing it Wrong


Like the technology from Star Trek, online marketing has also moved on. unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of this fact. Where everyone and his dog used to buy links in their thousands and spam the hell out of their own website, nowadays this will almost certainly bring you to the attention of Google and you’ll probably end up with a penalty or even total exclusion from the rankings. Don’t worry if you’re still blatantly using this method, Google will get to you eventually.


The Future of Online Marketing


But what of the future? Where is online marketing going? Well, it’s certainly going forward and the winners will be the businesses that embrace Google’s vision and direction. But in a nutshell, this is what we think.

1. Mobile friendly websites will be an absolute necessity as tablets and smart phones increase in both popularity and advancement. Dynamic websites will ensure anyone with a device can see your products.
2. The further integration of social media in your strategy will be paramount. This will become one of the fastest and most successful ways of building your brand. Takes time? Of course, but this is online marketing, everything takes time.
3. Your unique and regular high quality content will increase in importance as those who try harder will see more success.
4. Remarketing or retargeting will become one of the most important aspects of getting a second chance at securing sales and will prove it’s worth over and over again.
5. Good online marketing agencies will be worth their weight in gold as they keep up to date with all Google’s changes and enhancements and apply them to your account

HOLD ON! I hear you shout. Those five points aren’t the future, they’re here and now: and of course, you’d be right. So, why aren’t you using them?