DPOM Selected For Exclusive Google Partners Elevator Program

DPOM Selected For Exclusive Google Partners Elevator Program
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DPOM have been selected, as a top 250 high potential agency, to join the Google Partners Elevator program.

Elevators is a new and selective invite-only program designed by Google to help leading high potential agencies grow to the next level. The program provides further training, tools and support from Google to help us serve our clients better and grow our agency with Google’s support.




The program kicked off in December when a box of Google “goodies” appeared at DPOM towers containing:

  • A laser-etched stainless steel rocket with our “number” on.
  • A 3D printed longitude and latitude¬†of our agencies location
  • Some stickers to give to clients and colleagues
  • A deck of cards detailing facts and stats for various industries / verticals.

After receiving our new toys, Ben and Michael immediately set to work building our new rocket!




And after many puzzled expressions and being locked away in the conference room for a short while, the rocket was ready to take flight!


IMG_6727 (1)

We look forward to working closely with Google Elevators in 2016 to further grow our leading agency and continue to give our clients expert AdWords Management services with support from Google.