Why PPC is important for your small business

Why PPC is important for your small business

As one of the most popular forms of digital advertising, everyone and their mother has a basic understanding of PPC, with Google AdWords being the most well-known platform. Offering fantastic results, ongoing campaigns and an increase in site traffic, there’s a lot of general positives associated with utilising PPC for any business. It might seem that PPC is only an option for huge, multi-million-pound companies – but we assure you that’s not the case!

Work within your niche

If your small business fills a gap in the market, delivers a unique product or is just that bit different, PPC is not only a great way to get your name out there in a specific industry, it’s also far cheaper, as you’re unlikely to be competing with large companies for your keywords.

Keywords focused more exclusively on your business output is sure to garner results of searchers who are genuinely looking for a similar product or service, ensuring that enquiries you do get are more relevant and more likely to lead to a sale. In this way, focused PPC can narrow down your visitors in a way more generic advertising can’t.

A boost when you need it

Depending on how much investment you’re willing to put into your PPC advertising, you can massively increase your website visitors at critical times. Perhaps you’re having a sale, have brought out a new product or are just having a quiet month. Having a spike in traffic thanks to a short-term campaign is a great way to boost your income and encourage interested searchers to your site to find out more about your business.

Greater understanding of your visitors

Combine PPC advertising with analytics tools, and you can get a fantastic insight into your customer base and visitors. Discovering what keywords – whether organic or paid-for – visitors are searching for can give you a simple way to direct your advertising funds to the correct places in the first instance. However, this isn’t the most important use of this data; you can use PPC to help direct your stock and sales focus based on the success of specific campaigns. For example, if one service is being continually searched for, you could launch a discount on that product to increase sales based on this interest, to help convert your PPC to solid leads.

For small businesses, PPC isn’t just an option for advertising – it’s an essential to make a strong profit in a complex and ever-moving online market. Contact us today to discuss how PPC advertising can improve your business.