Why SEO is the long game that pays off

Why SEO is the long game that pays off
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SEO is one of the biggest buzzwords in digital marketing at the moment, with nearly all successful big brand businesses now having specific in-company employees working on SEO, from website copy through to blog posts, on a daily basis. For organic advertising, SEO is vital – but it’s more of a long game than it may first appear.

Developing a clear strategy

The first stage of successful SEO development is having a definite idea of what you want to achieve, and a plan for how you’ll realise it. Going in blindly won’t offer the same results as a well-crafted and researched content plan. Though several years ago it was enough to utilise multiple keywords in basic copy and mostly irrelevant blog content, the focus is now on quality content that provides insight and engagement, which also includes keywords. The strategy of keyword planning has evolved too, with long-tail keywords such as full sentences or questions serving as a great way to integrate a conversational tone with content.

Time to trawl

Unlike PPC advertising, SEO isn’t the instant cure-all to boost your visitor stats and profits; developing a great-quality SEO friendly website takes time. This is in part due to the amount of content required, and in part due to the fact it takes time for search engine bots to do a trawling process on your website. Though SEO is a long game when it comes to getting your website rising in the search rankings, it can also be advantageous. After 3-6 months, you’ll be able to see the full results of your SEO campaign, and by producing ongoing SEO work once your initial content development is listed, you’ll see your content trawled continuously.

Try and try again

SEO can be more of a trial and error form of marketing, but being able to see the results of your campaigns first-hand makes altering your strategy, developing additional content and changing your focus an easy task. Over time, your website will become SEO rich across a wide range of keywords, thanks to both well-crafted website content and blog posts. Over time, you’ll find a steady increase in visitors without any of the costs associated with other forms of digital marketing.

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