3 businesses who used social media with tremendous success

3 businesses who used social media with tremendous success
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Social media has grown at a rapid pace in the last decade. Originally a tool simply for people to socialise, it is now also a platform where businesses can market themselves at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. If you’re considering setting up a social media marketing campaign and need proof that businesses really do benefit from it, then here are three great examples. 

1. Innocent Smoothies

For years before many of their competitors, Innocent Smoothies marketed themselves superbly through common platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They use a pleasant mix of two line anecdotes and entertaining images that transfer the fun and human culture behind their brand. At the same time, they are known for witty responses to recent events or special yearly holidays. They appeal well to their target demographic and, to date, have almost 600,000 followers on Facebook alone.

2. Toys R Us

It is understandably very hard for a brick and mortar store to connect in a meaningful way with their customers online, but Toys R Us has managed to do exactly that through a number of campaigns. In particular, their 2015 #TRUMagic strategy was to allow children to go around the store and use augmented reality to find virtual eggs. Children then snapped a photo of them on their Toys R Us app and won a prize. At the end, they were encouraged to share their video directly through to Facebook, thus marketing Toys R Us in a fun way to all their friends.

3. BT

BT is an example of a company that has used the tremendous potential of social media to make massive cost savings in their operations. One part of their strategy is to encourage customer service issues to be dealt with on social media, for example, via Twitter. In 2014 alone, they managed to move 600,000 calls straight to Twitter, resulting in an estimated £2m in savings. Not only does it save BT money, for many people, chatting on social media is an easier way to deal with problems and receive live updates on technical issues.

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