Google to introduce in-depth articles

Google to introduce in-depth articles
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In order to gain an insightful understanding of a broad topic, sometimes it’s necessary to delve a little deeper instead of finding simple, concise answers. Research conducted by Google suggests that this is the case for approximately one tenth of searches on a daily basis. Whether it’s scientific knowledge on hotly debated topics like stem cell research, or philosophical insights on love and happiness, people are requiring increasingly complex explanations.


In Depth Articles



Having realised this, Google are set to roll out a brand new feature to help inquisitive minds find relevant articles in its search results.





Google will now provide a new block of results linking to thought-provoking articles from some of the most inquisitive journalistic minds the world have to offer, if a user performs a search for a broad topic. For example, searches pertaining to censorship are likely to yield results containing articles by esteemed author Salman Rushdie and linguist Noam Chomsky. Those searching for lighter material, for example, the history of Lego, might find themselves presented with think-pieces regarding everything from gender specifics to engineering and art.

Although the new feature is yet to go live for everybody, it’s suggested that the new block will appear in the middle of the page for broad searches. Not every query will result in a block of in-depth articles, however.

It’s yet to remain clear whether all web publishers will have equal access to this new area, or if Google will implement an internal checklist of approved publishers. Should the latter apply, it will undoubtedly raise questions with regard to the impartiality of the world’s most popular search engine. In the case of the former, Search Engine Optimisation will once again see something of a radical change:, as increasing numbers of sites attempt to publish more in-depth articles in order to gain a place in Google’s latest feature.