AdWords Quality score dropped? Google Bug Causing Massive Quality Score Drops

AdWords Quality score dropped? Google Bug Causing Massive Quality Score Drops
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If you’ve realised a sudden drop in your quality scores and don’t know why Google may be to blame!

It has recently come to our attention that some of our own quality scores have dropped despite there being no changes to our Ads. We browsed our AdWords accounts for issues, checking landing pages and all of our ads. No issues were found.

Whilst browsing the official Google forums we stumbled across plenty of people reporting problems and we were quite surprised to see that Google engineers had acknowledged the problem and are looking into it.

What is the Issue?

Although Google have not yet disclosed what has caused this issue it has been touted by many as an issue with a change of algorithm for determining landing page quality, which is apparently affecting mobile ads more.

Google have apparently reported to most that the change to the algorithm has possibly been a little harsh in the way it affects quality score and may revert the level of impact that it has in some way.

What can you do?

All we can do is sit and wait for Google to officially comment on the issue and how they are going too or how they have fixed the issue. In the meantime just keep and eye on your account and eventually your quality scores should revert to relatively normal levels.

However if your quality scores have dropped and you have recently changed your landing pages, ads or your CTR has changed do not just assume the problem lies with Google.