New Google Shopping feed tools

New Google Shopping feed tools

Google are trying to make Google shopping data feeds much easier to set up and maintain. There are two changes that have been introduced.  One mainly accommodates large retailers helping them too provide pricing and inventory updates quickly. The other is a Google Sheets add-on, which basically makes it much easier for smaller retailers get online with a shopping campaign.

Larger Retailers

Larger retailers will benefit from a new feed type which allows them to update prices, sale prices and availability of key products. Retailers that need to update these attributes increasingly frequently can now use these online product inventory feeds to submit their data.

This inventory feed also ensures that your online product inventory feed will not affect the product feed as a whole, so there won’t ever be a problem with the eligibility of your Adverts.

Small Retailers

The second update is the add-on for Google Sheets, which should benefits smaller businesses.  There is a sidebar that shows users errors before they upload their feed. The sidebar then allows merchants to upload their product feeds once their sheet is validated. Users can validate their data per individual row or the entire Sheet as a whole.

This change should really make the production & maintenance of PLA’s a smoother process.