Don’t fixate over the CPC of your keywords

Don’t fixate over the CPC of your keywords
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There is a common issue that occurs when discussing keywords with clients or potential clients and it is the cost per click of each keyword. During my time working as an AdWords account manager I have had the conversation hundreds of times and logically speaking I can see why.

If you don’t work in our industry it is easy to assume that spending less per click results in more visitors to your site, which ultimately results in more sales, right? That simply isn’t the case.

Most people know that the keywords you should be backing are the ones that will bring you the best return on investment but what they don’t understand is that the majority of the best performing keywords will have competition, this competition will bid on said keywords which ultimately drives the cost per click of that keyword up.  Generally a keyword will only be competitive if it has been successful and this is something to always keep in mind if the keywords in your industry scare you.

You might have keywords available to you in your industry that have an average cost per click of £17 but if it convert every 4 clicks at a profitable rate then it is much more beneficial than a keyword with a CPC that is a fraction of the price, but will never convert.

You have to look at your average CPC’s objectively and it is what we do on a daily basis. Do not be scared off by keyword prices, because people only bid that much because these keywords work.