Top 5 benefits of using SEO in digital marketing

Top 5 benefits of using SEO in digital marketing
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There are many benefits to using SEO as a digital marketing strategy to promote your business. Here are the top five.

1. Increase traffic

The top positions on the search engine results pages generate the majority of impressions and clicks, meaning more visitors to your website and, hopefully, more conversions. SEO focuses on creating keyword relative title tags and meta descriptions, which also show up on the results pages, helping to improve click-through rates and drive even more traffic to your site.

2. ROI

SEO gives you results that can be tracked and quantified, enabling you to see clearly how well your digital marketing campaigns are performing. SEO agencies can monitor which paths users take in to complete a sale, right down to the individual keywords that were used to search prior to making a purchase. This information can really help you to see what ROI you are getting for your investment in SEO.

3. Cost effective

SEO is very cost-effective because it specifically targets users who are actively searching for your products online. This inbound marketing strategy is much more cost-effective than outbound methods such as cold-calling and generates more qualified leads who are actively searching for your products, making a final purchase more likely.

4. Increase in site usability

In order to make navigating your website easier for search engines, SEO works to make your website easier to navigate for users too. SEO rearranges your site’s architecture and links, making pages easier to find. This makes it much easier for search engines to trawl your site for relevant pages, and it simplifies the process of finding information

5. Increase brand awareness

Top rankings on search engine pages produce significant impressions. Therefore, if your website is in one of the top positions, you will enjoy increased brand awareness, too. In addition, being on the first page for your targeted keywords helps users to associate your brand with those specific keywords. It also instils trust, because companies on the first page are generally seen as more trustworthy by users.

The more often your pages and your website content ranks in the top few positions on the search engines first page, the more likely it is that users will see your content and associate with your brand.

SEO should form a key part of your company’s digital marketing strategy. When executed well, SEO helps to increase traffic to your website, as well as providing greater exposure for your brand.