PPC Agencies – Worth Their Weight in Gold!

PPC Agencies – Worth Their Weight in Gold!
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If you run a business you probably hire an accountant to make sure your books are managed correctly, avoid any unforeseen costs and ensure your business runs profitably. You probably take legal advice from a lawyer to ensure your business complies with the law and you’re protected. At home you probably use an electrician to install new lights or a plumber to fix a leaking pipe.



Who do you use to manage your Pay Per Click Advertising?

As with all the above examples you can of course do it all yourself and perhaps sometimes you have too but either way it doesn’t change the fact that an expert who specialises in their trade is going to a better job and do it more efficiently.

Lets face it, anyone can “manage” a pay per click campaign but in the same way, anyone can learn how to wire a light or do a tax return. The Internet contains lots of information about how to pretty much do anything but since you are the expert in your industry perhaps thats where your time is best spent?



PPC Agencies can take a good account and turn it into a great account

I took on a new client a few months ago, a hugely successful e-commerce business that has been using Google AdWords for around 5 years. AdWords regularly delivered a good level of conversions, it had great adverts and was very profitable but the client (rightly) expected to be able to scale it to deliver even more performance. The problem was that no matter what the client tried they couldn’t extract any additional performance – in short they couldn’t make any more money from AdWords.

After searching for PPC Agencies the client found DPOM and we promptly completed a PPC Audit of their AdWords account: The campaigns converted well but it was immediately clear the campaigns could be better structured to improve performance.

3 months later, the account conversion rate has increased by 200% and the client is seeing continual improvements as the account is scaled upwards with more keywords, Product Listing Ads and Re-Marketing.



The sooner you get a PPC Agency, the sooner you can benefit

This is all great news, we have another incredibly happy client. However, I can’t help but feel what if they’d found us a few months or even years before they did? Given their returns have increased by several thousand of Pounds per month since they selected DPOM as their PPC Agency, imagine how much more their returns could have been over the proceeding months or years?

OK, I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but it’s a point. This company almost certainly used an accountant to ensure their finances were in order but for some reason struggled through for 5 years managing their own PPC account. I don’t blame them, plenty try it and assume because AdWords is running well it can’t run any better – but often this is not the case.

The best PPC Campaigns require regular work: testing ads, adding new keywords, adding negative keywords, testing landing pages, running experiments and interpreting the data. If you are busy running your business it is unlikely you can devote enough time to effectively run and regularly improve your PPC Campaigns, in fact, you are probably going to let them stagnate and stop pushing them further which means you’re literally missing out on sales.

We’re a PPC Agency, we manage advertising accounts covering a huge variety of industries daily and we live and breathe it, so please believe me when I say:

Let us handle your PPC Campaigns and get the best from them, it will give you extra time to run your business…or learn plumbing.