Google Adwords Will Not Save Your Business

Google Adwords Will Not Save Your Business


What? A Pay-Per-Click Agency is saying that the service they offer is of no use to your website? What Lunacy is this? Why would you want to work with a company who says their service will not help you? Why would you pay an external PPC agency to manage your Google Adwords or Bing Ads accounts when they say is is of little or no use to you?




We rock at Adwords. We do it day in, day out and we’ve turned around client’s online campaigns and made them (and continue to) stacks of money via direct E-Commerce sales or service enquiries. We are great at what we do, the trouble is that some people are beyond help: they see their organic rankings drop and wait until their business finances are hanging in the balance before exploring the possibility of using online advertising to promote themselves. It’s simply a case waiting too long to go to the train station and upon arriving, you find the train has already left. In short: You have missed out.


We Cannot Help Your Online Campaign!


We get a lot of enquiries from panic stricken online business owners who used to make good money but have seen traffic and conversions drop off and need a ‘quick fix’ to pull things back around. Most agencies will happily take on this work knowing that it’s too late for the business but they will take the cash anyway. We operate a ‘No Bullhits’ policy that means we always tell it like it is: for the client’s own good as well as our own. We do not want a reputation built on false promises and poor results, we know we are brilliant at what we do but we cannot help everyone. The longer you leave using Adwords, the further ahead your competitors will get with their own campaigns. Each week should build on the data from the last to make sure you are getting maximum Click Through Rate (CTR) for minimum Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). The targeting of these Ads takes time and is an ongoing process of refinement to make every penny you spend count towards the money you’re making in return.

So many online businesses have seen huge falls in their organic traffic because of Google Algorithm penalties over the last year. The Panda and Penguin Algorithms have impacted heavily on the online landscape with Search Engine places dropping for many websites. A business can only absorb so much before it is no longer economically viable and being 100% reliant on organic traffic is a good way to seal your online fate. Successful businesses have a good Adwords campaign running alongside their natural traffic and keep up to date with their traffic via Google analytics.

“Unlike other forms or advertising you can track ever visitor, enquiry or sale as well as every person who may have clicked and left the site immediately or did not buy. All this data is used to improve your Ad campaign in a holistic approach, meaning you build on the overall quality of your ads: the victories and losses from the month before and constantly improve your effectiveness.”



Google Shopping Will Not Show Your Products If You Are Not Using AdWords.


As from the 22nd June all of Google’s shopping results will only display ads companies running Google Adwords. If you’ve previously enjoyed sales from being found in the shopping listings then that is set to end.This has been met with equal praise and condemnation. Many online businesses such as Amazon have sworn to never use this service (In fact they are setting up their own version of Google Ads) whilst existing Adwords users have seen good influxes of traffic as a direct result of the change and their Google Adwords inclusion. As a PPC agency we would say that it has had a positive effect overall. The quality of service for companies listed in the shopping results are higher because the chances are that if they are running Google Adwords then they are legitimate and reputable. Many of the results previously were unknown and un-reviewed online shops and you had no real idea who you were sending your money to or whether you would receive the product you’ve paid for! E-Commerce sites already using Adwords have seen the benefit of this in bottom line sales and conversions.



Using Adwords Spreads the Risk.


Lets make some assumptions about your website: Let’s assume it is fully optimised and working. You’re products and services are well listed, with an active blog, successful Facebook / Twitter / Social Media accounts and are, in short: doing your Search Engine Optimisation correctly and by the book. What if monthly searches for what you offer dry up? All your eggs are in one basket and you are completely reliant on organic traffic to keep your business afloat. If you’re running an Adwords campaign alongside that then you could be making exponentially more money as well as having a backup if things go wrong. Earlier in 2013, a Google penalty meant that Interflora were wiped from the organic listings because of paid for advertorials (A big ‘No – no’ in Google’s eyes!) so even a marketing giant like that can become entirely reliant on Sponsored Ads. This puts in perspective the possibility that no-one is safe. Luckily they had a good Online Ad presence that saw them through the week or so that they were manually reviewed by Google and allowed back into the natural listings. Going from the top of Google’s organic search listings for terms like “Buy flowers online” to not showing at all would have created a world of pain for them, but PPC got them through.


Try Adwords Now!


The longer you leave it, the further down the road your competitors will be with this process, so you may find that they will consistently achieve higher placement of their Ads and a better quality of Advert that is more clickable to the user, hence seeing more conversion / enquiries. It takes time to perfect and you should be looking at Google’s clever re-marketing (Following a user who has visited your website with Display Ads on websites that allow it such as Youtube) to bolster your campaign. Your competitors may already be doing this so it will take longer to catch up and compete with them online.




Every online business should be running Adwords. They should be working with a reputable PPC agency to manage their sponsored Ads. Why? Because the service pays for itself when it is done correctly. Because stagnant accounts and poor Ad management will cost you a stack of money in wasted clicks and lost conversions. Any Pay Per Click Management company worth their salt will fine tune your campaign so that they are not an expense, but a necessity to your success. In measured steps your online business can move forward and succeed if you have the capital to back online advertising and a PPC manager you can rely on. But leave this too late and the chances are you will fail.