Re-Marketing – Why we should all be using it

Re-Marketing – Why we should all be using it
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Re-marketing has been around since 2012 and is used to show adverts to users that have previously visited your website. We use remarking “lists” to build lists of visitors by tagging them with a cookie that meets certain criteria (Such as visiting a particular webpage). We then show highly relevant and targeted ads to these visitors.



Here’s some ideas to get you started…


Offer incentives to users that started your checkout process but didn’t complete the purchase
Remind a customer of contract renewals a month before they need to renew – for example if you are selling contract based services such as mobile phones.
Advertise a new product to previous purchasers of similar products.
Increasing your brand recognition.

Using remarking can seriously improve a multi channel advertising campaign and according to recent research re-targeted customers are up to 70% more likely to complete a purchase than non re-targeted customers. Its a well known statistic but 97% of new visitors to not convert the first time they visit your website. Re-Marketing allows you to capture their attention whilst visitors browse other websites to tempt them back to yours.

Timing is key…


All customers that visited your website and didn’t convert on that visit.

Many users shop around before making a purchase or research into products before making a purchase decision. Re-Marketing to these customers keeps you in mind and potentially prevents users forgetting you.



Customers that dropped out of your checkout process

Its quite common for a user to add items to a basket but not compete the purchase. By targeting visitors that viewed your shopping basket and didn’t convert you can tempt them back with compelling adverts that contain a discount code for example.



Existing customers

Many advertisers focus on non converting visitors for re-marketing when in fact, targeting existing customers is a great way to encourage repeat purchases.



Time Sensitive

Study your data and try and understand how often repeat purchases visit your store. You can then target visitors in a specific time window to encourage them to come back to you and not your competitors when they are next ready to make a purchase.



Social Network Re-Marketing

Facebook also offers re-marketing which provides advertisers a great opportunity to retarget visitors with highly relevant adverts whilst they spend time using Facebook. Given 25% of Internet usage is spent using Social Media this offers an incredibly opportunity to continue your re-marketing efforts.




Re-Marketing is very easy to set up in its broadest form but by spending some time setting some objectives and being creative with the many remarking options Google Analytics / AdWords offers you can enjoy some impressive results.

We practice what we preach too…keep an eye out for our re-marketing ads as you browse the Internet in the future and get in touch if you’d like to learn how we can help you re-market to your visitors.