Essential techniques for B2B social media marketing success

Essential techniques for B2B social media marketing success
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Social media has proven to be extremely effective for B2B brands, and customers expect to not only find familiar brands on popular social platforms but to research new ones there too.

Here are a few ways to maximise your social media presence as a B2B brand. 

Content distribution

Content builds brand awareness and is a very important part of any marketing strategy. It also plays a key role in SEO rankings. You must have a blog to succeed these days and publishing e-books and white papers on a regular basis also helps to keep you ahead of your competitors in the lead generation stakes.

Not all content suits all channels, however. Brief blog posts are probably better aimed at the LinkedIn community, whereas content with lots of media is often more in tune with Facebook sharing. Twitter offers an opportunity to distribute content that is relevant to real time hashtags whilst pretty much all content has a place on Google.

Brand awareness

When using social media to promote your brand, it’s important that you get it in front of the right people who could be potential customers. With people spending more and more of their downtime on social media channels, it’s vital that you get your brand out there. Remember that the most successful brands are the ones that post what their customers and prospects want to see.

Social advertising

More and more brands are spending the majority of their marketing budgets on social media. Twitter alone offers a whole range of advertising tools: promoted tweets, promoted trends, promoted accounts and keyword targeting in timelines. You can also target your search results by hashtag, by interest and by geographical location.

If your budget is limited, you might be better focusing your efforts on LinkedIn Ads. With its ability to provide potential customers with information about your products and your business, it’s not that surprising that LinkedIn boasts a visitor-to-lead conversion rate that’s 277% more effective than both Facebook and Twitter.

Retargeting using social networks

Placing a simple retargeting code on your blog and landing pages can direct people from social channels and help to convert your social readers into paying clients. Even if your target audience may not be ready to buy yet, keeping your brand name in front of them may help to guarantee that when they are ready to make that purchase, you’ll be top of the list.

In conclusion

More and more B2B marketers are using the popularity of social media channels and are increasing their advertising spends accordingly. High-quality content together with robust and appropriate targeting through social media will maximise your B2B brand presence and boost business growth.