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If you’re a brand new start-up or a business that has previously relied upon traditional marketing methods to promote your products and services, then creating a digital strategy for the first time can be tough (particularly if you have a small budget). There are several channels available to you, and so you may feel confused about which is right for your company. Many businesses start with social media and PPC. Let’s take a look at how they can help your company to achieve exceptional results.

The power of social media

Social media is no longer optional for businesses in today’s increasingly digital world. It is an invaluable marketing tool, whatever industry your company is in. It can help you to grow your brand and without much financial outlay.

Social media posts can be an effective means of driving targeted traffic. Not only does it help you to direct people to your website, but the more shares you receive, the higher your ranking in search results. With increased visibility amongst both current and potential customers comes a direct way to share your brand’s voice and content. Increased brand recognition can enable you to convert more prospects into paying customers.

Another big advantage of choosing social media to market your business is that it allows for improved customer service. Today, many consumers head to social media to seek help, ask questions or give feedback to a company’s customer service staff.

An insight into PPC

Competition is tough in the ongoing battle for prime online space, and so it’s well worth considering the benefits of PPC (Pay Per Click) as a digital advertising channel. It has rapidly evolved in recent years and has become an important tool for businesses looking to achieve success online. With PPC, the advertiser must pay the search engine a fee every time their advert gets clicked on. It’s essentially a means of buying visits to your website, rather than earning them organically. The major benefit of PPC advertising is that you’re able to reach a targeted audience quickly by choosing who can view your ads. What’s more, because you only pay when someone clicks on an ad, it’s a very cost-efficient way of advertising your business. It gives you an excellent chance of maximising your ROI. PPC allows you to control your budget effectively, as you’re able to set your financial plans for PPC advertising. You can set your budget according to your business requirements.

Social media and PPC are suitable for businesses of all sizes and in any industry. Having these platforms as components of your overall marketing strategy can help your company to achieve results and remain one step ahead of your competition.


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