Google’s rolling out dynamic callout extensions

Google’s rolling out dynamic callout extensions
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Google are bringing us an update to the call out extensions feature by offering us the opportunity to use dynamic call out extensions. In September last year Google starting rolling out this feature and now hope to progress it futher with the use of dynamic callout extensions.

Dynamic Callout extensions will pull information about your business and products straight from your website and place them onto search ads. If you have created your call outs manually at either the campaign or ad group level then these are the call outs that will show.

It is always going to be more beneficial and productive to create your own customer enticing call outs but this is a good feature none the less.

Dynamic call out extensions are currently only available in English & may not show for all advertisers – this is why Google still recommends optimising call out extensions yourself. Google have also given you the option to opt out of this feature and you can do so by filling out this form.