Is your business using social media effectively?

Is your business using social media effectively?
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Social media is one of the greatest digital marketing tools available to businesses, and one of the best parts of this is the fact it is largely free. It can be used in multiple ways to expand your outreach, promote your services, and generate sales leads – but are you using it effectively?

Use your company’s name

Firstly, it is important that you have your business listed on all the key social media pages – the big four are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Through understanding your audience, you will notice that some will naturally perform better than others because of the type of communications. However, you may be surprised, so don’t rule one out just because ‘you’ think it isn’t right. When choosing your name or handle for your social media pages, don’t make it obscure. Try to keep it as close to your business name (or exactly the same) as possible, as this will help you become easier for people to find.

Be accurate

Once you have your pages established, you need to ensure they have all the accurate information listed. You’d be surprised how often businesses don’t include key information such as their location, contact details, company description, or choose the correct business category for their services. You also need to include your logo – ideally as the profile picture, and in high resolution. Good quality images will play a key part in helping you stand out and look professional.

Post regularly

Next, it is important to post content consistently and regularly. People will come to expect your posts, and in doing so you will expand your audience and connections. Diverse content works well, so mix it up. Some posts can be about your services or special offers, but also include links to relevant articles or blog posts on your website that you have written, which people may choose to share. These can help you expand your outreach and drive people to your site, where they may then start browsing your offering. Don’t underestimate the power of your headlines or titles either.

Think competitions

Competitions work particularly well when they involve ‘tag and share’ rules. This means more people will see your business, and it can generate interest for your services. You just need to ensure the rules of the competition are clear, the deadline is included, and the prize is valuable enough.

Use links and likes

There are lots of ways in which you can encourage people to visit your website, including Facebook’s call to action buttons and adding your URL to your biography on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you include this, and drivers to get people to make this move. In reverse, ensure you have your social media links visible on your website and that they actually work. It’s also good to include references to how liking your social media pages will help them stay abreast of the latest news and offers.


Finally, don’t be afraid to interact with your customers. Replying to messages and comments, and liking their interactions, is a brilliant way to get them engaged and feel as though they’re being listened to. It creates a positive two-way channel, which is great for business success.

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