Google says Allo to a ‘smart’ new messenger

Google says Allo to a ‘smart’ new messenger
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The instant messaging field may be crowded and dominated by the likes of Facebook’s WhatsApp and the social media giant’s namesake service, but that hasn’t stopped Google launching a new one. Available now and promising greater things than ever is the search leader’s new messaging app, Allo.

Naturally, Google has packed its new service full of juicy features it hopes will lure legions of new messaging fans, and especially given enhancements Apple has stuffed into the latest version of Messages, courtesy of a hefty iOS 10 update. So what can you expect before you decide to say hello to Allo too?

Google has designed its new app – for Android and iOS – around what it calls “smart messaging”. What that means is more seamless conversations where there are fewer pauses and users get the information they need, now, whether it’s about flights or finding somewhere to go out on Friday night.

It’s about doing more, Google says, with chats as well as more fully expressing yourself. How does that work? With Google’s help, of course. Any gaps in conversations and the app is prompted to see if you want any assistance so that you get what you’re looking for.

That’s because users can also operate within the app for things other than chats. An integrated (and updated) Google Assistant is present to find things on the web, get an email or web address, media such as videos and just about anything else you might need.

Also helping to nudge conversations along is Google Allo’s Smart Reply feature. This lets users instantly reply to a message with just a tap – and a number of answers the app’s intelligence software thinks might be likely answers. A phrase which says something like “meet you at 6?” might have, amongst other suggested replies, “sure, sounds great!” – no need to type; a tap will do.

And you can be sure Google Allo has an array of emojis and stickers to add an element of fun to any conversation. It’s all part of the evolving nature of messengers that have become an essential communication tool around the world.