Why you shouldn’t ignore social media

Why you shouldn’t ignore social media

Social media is changing the way clients and businesses interact. Every business, no matter the size, function or location stands to benefit from taking social media seriously.

Be The Voice of Reason

Social media allows you to demonstrate and distribute your knowledge within your particular field. As an individual or a company, one of the best aspects of social media is that you control what you post. This means that you can share whatever you feel is best for your business. Whether that be helpful links, resources or simply advertising a product. By demonstrating what you know, you’ll establish yourself as an authority in a given area. After all, it is a well-known fact that the most successful people in business, philosophy etc. aren’t afraid to impart their knowledge to the masses.

Get Down with The Kids

Establishing yourself and your business on platforms like Facebook and Twitter will allow your clients to contact you in ways that are more personable than ever before. A tweet on Twitter or response to a post on Facebook is a method that more people these days are going to be comfortable with, as opposed to a “contact us” form or picking up the telephone and talking to a stranger. Social media’s informal style is particularly appealing to younger audiences, so bare this in mind when setting up your social media accounts.

Valued Input

Everyone is looking for an opinion to trust and stand behind. Particularly when it comes to matters of breaking news or national debate, people want to rely on an expert source to help inform and back up their own views on the subject. If you have experience, especially in a niche area, you can be looked to as the be-all and end-all source. What you say goes, so to speak. Sending out a tweet or posting a recent article you wrote that covers a relevant topic is a great method of boosting followers and catching the eye of potential future clients.

Brand awareness

Social media is integral to building brand awareness in the current climate. Social media brings with it something of a label that validates your business among millennials. By not remaining consistently active, you risk losing that personable “with the times” reputation. Remaining active on social media is crucial if you want to become that “go to” brand, or a household name. As your reputation as a vibrant active brand grows, your audience will soon follow suit. When you are nowhere to be seen, people start to forget about you and instead turn their focus to those that are there. Those, being your competitors.