What are AdWords Scripts and how can you use them successfully?

What are AdWords Scripts and how can you use them successfully?
Google AdWords

Using Adwords scripts allows for a hands-off approach to account management as well as being able to extract and shows us huge amounts of information about an account in an instant. But just how far can they go?

Adwords Scripts are very powerful lines of JavaScript code that can tell Adwords to edit almost any element within your account or even automate Adwords reports for you. The scripts go far beyond automated rules; they can make changes to your account based on multiple parameters or even use external data to customise your account.

Can’t write code? Don’t panic. There are thousands of free resources available online that provide you with pre-written scripts. All you need to do is copy and paste them into your Adwords account.

What exactly can scripts do? Well, the number of possibilities veer towards infinitude but a cool, key feature is that you can adjust scripts so that Adwords bids by rules. For example, you can tell a script to increase bids by 15% for all keywords that have more than 10 conversions and higher CTR than 3% but to also not raise the bid by more than £1.50 in the ad group X. This kind of optimisation would take a tediously long time to accomplish manually. You can even use scripts to adjust bids in relation to the weather! It’s sunny? Let’s raise the bids 30%.

Google won’t let you run your entire account through Adwords Scripts you will still need to actively monitor its performance. But I think by now we can all appreciate just how awesome scripts are and how much of the heavy lifting they can take from us. However, always double check your coding, you wouldn’t want to accidentally raise all bids by 100% when you actually meant 10%.  So just keep an eye on your account if you decide to use these powerful scripts and remember, the possibilities really are endless.