Why you should never buy followers

Why you should never buy followers
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Trying to increase your organic reach? Has your social media strategy hit a dead end? There are a few ways to overcome these obstacles. The first, if you have the patience and presence of mind, seek help from online marketing experts to devise a fresh and effective Social Media Strategy. Otherwise, you can buy followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram respectively, and lose valuable engagement with current followers. I will explain the various disadvantages of buying followers below. 

First things first

Your intake of followers may have slowed, but your current crop is invaluable. They have started and continued to follow your brand for a reason, whereas bought followers will not engage and contribute to the brand. They are a tool for simply “making up the numbers”.



With high volumes of bought followers, your pages will become platforms for spam posting. These followers, once let into your community, have access to your genuine following, and will actively target them with spam. This will result in your reputable brand losing its core following. A lot of marketing companies are employed to use spam tactics, so beware.


T’s & C’s

Quite plainly, buying followers is not allowed. Buying followers violates virtually every rule put in place by social media platforms with regards to follower increase and decrease. Investors will not invest their capital in a company known to have fake followers, as it can dramatically affect the stock price of the company in question. The larger platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are becoming increasingly vigilant with regards to filtering out these accounts and penalising them. Long story short, you’ll get caught.



The resulting humiliation when it is unearthed that you have been buying fake followers will be catastrophic. It proves that you are unable to draw real brand advocates to your social media pages and that you have an issue that you have been unable to solve using conventional methods. Online reputation is crucial in the current digital climate and bad press can make or break the future of your business.


To conclude

Don’t buy fake followers, it’s that simple. If worse comes to worst, which it will, you could end up being banned from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Can you see your business thriving without an active presence on two hugely important Social Media platforms? I didn’t think so. Competition is healthy, you can still thrive and achieve your social media goals with hard work and a well thought out strategy. Stress not.