5 Ways for E-Commerce Websites to Build Trust

5 Ways for E-Commerce Websites to Build Trust
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Trust is crucial in influencing customers’ to make purchases on your website and influencing their decisions. A study from the experts at Singapore Management University revealed that people are more likely to make a purchase off your website if they can both trust the website and have no doubts of possible risk.

To build E-commerce trust, it is essential to optimise your website to make potential customers feel comfortable and safe when making a purchase.

Here are 5 proven ways to do just that:

1. Add Trust Badges and Security Seals

Security seals and trust badges are a perfect and proven way of ensuring a reduce in perceived risk of shoppers on your website. Think of it this way, if you click onto an E-commerce website and it looks worrying or not trust worthy without a trust badge, would you buy from them? No! You would buy from a website that has proven certification that it is a trusted website by certified brands. FACT! In fact, a study conducted by Yankee Group Research found that 71% of consumers find it highly important for E-commerce sites to have a trust seal or logo.

Another reason for this is people have found that there was an increase in conversions after displaying a trusted badge.

2. Use a Reputable Payment Gateway

Building trust and reducing risk go hand-in-hand. With hackers and instants of credit card fraud cropping up in the news constantly, it is seen to be very risky to enter card details on sites, especially if they don’t look trustworthy. To counteract this, you can use a payment gateway service that is trustworthy and beneficial for your site.

PayPal is most likely the most trusted form of a payment gateway that is used, not only this but is also the most popular. Especially if you are targeting an international audience, consider it a best bet to insure there payment is secure.

The best way to look at this is what would you do in your customers’ shoes? Would you buy from your own website that does not contain a trusted logo? Or unsecure payment?

3. Display Genuine Reviews from Real Customers

Be honest, when buying products online at some point you always look at the reviews on the product. Especially if it is either auction based such as Ebay or buying products that requires feedback in order to buy them. You can make claims about the wonderful features and the benefits of your product but are people really going to take your word for it? It’s their job to sell their products to you but it really does put the icing on the cake when the reviews are genuine.

It is important to ensure that you avoid displaying only positive reviews, as this can look suspicious. If your reviews look edited or screened then this will instantly decrease the trust levels.

4. Make it Easy To Get Help

When shopping online, most people have questions that can have an impact on their purchase. A live chat is always encouraged when advertising products, again it helps to increase their trust. This also links into having a good website that allows easy navigation around the site. Every customer is most likely to have questions about your products. So if you don’t have some sort of helpline or live chat, I suggest you get one inserted and except to see magic!

5. Show Your Product in Action

Despite having customers trust you, it’s always good to include visual additional information. Customers may be unsure of the quality or real appearance of the product. A video of the product in action is the perfect way to ensure trust and encourage sales. One way to reduce that worry is to offer better views of the product with large, high-quality images that can show the product from all angles. This allows the customer to have all the information about the appearance and help to push the conversion rates.


At the end of the day, there is always room to improve websites and there will always be factors that will affect the trust your customers have. But these 5 pointers will 100% increase the likelihood of sales and can always have a knock on effect of good recommendations, reviews and further brand awareness.