8 Mistakes That All Businesses Should Avoid When Using Social Media

8 Mistakes That All Businesses Should Avoid When Using Social Media

1)  Page Inactivity – Not Utilising Your Free Resources

A great resource for any business’s success is the free brand awareness that can be generated from social media. In order to see results from your social media platforms, your business needs to stay active and present online. Not only to increase your following and engagements but to raise your brand’s influential power online. Distributing content on a regular basis is sure to draw a crowd to your page, but knowing the correct amount of activity is vital. Which bring me on to my next topic, too much activity.    

2) Too Much Online Activity – Content Spams and Overloads

As previously mentioned, regular activity on your social media page is crucial. However, knowing how much to post can quickly become the difference between success and failure. Overloading your page with irrelevant content can be seen as ‘spam’ and will most likely result in losing followers. So, how can you be sure that your business is posting enough to stay relevant, without bombarding your audiences timeline with reposted content? Keep reading to find out…

3) Your Target Audience – Using The Wrong Tone Of Voice  

A main factor to social media success is using the correct tone of voice for your business’s target audience. Linking back to activity, once you’ve established who you are targeting, you’ll be able to adjust your posting style and times accordingly. A significant mistake that businesses often make when promoting their brand on social media is that they do not consider whether their content is adding value to their audiences news feeds. This can then lower your potential engagement rate and once again, lose followers.

4) Inconsistent Branding – Does Your Page Follow A Theme?

A common mistake that is made online is inconsistent branding. Before starting your businesses social media, you should always undertake a branding assessment. As part of this assessment, you should ensure that you have a prepared profile photo and header photo that represents your brand and is versatile enough to be used across all of your social networks. Once you have set these aspects in place, you should then create a branded theme that will be showcased in all of your content. A technique that works well is using branded images which include your business’s logo.

5) Buying Likes And Followers – How Your Account Can Become Suspended

Many businesses have become victim to suspended accounts over the years due to one large mistake, buying followers and likes. Many social media networks do not condone the use of buying your audience, and therefore, will be quick to disable your account. Not only does this mean that you lose all of the followers you have purchased and all of the money you have invested into doing so, but you have also lost your page, real audience and all of the content that you have created and distributed. Another reason why buying your likes and followers is the wrong choice is that it affects your brand’s credibility. These followers are not truly contributing to your page as they are just seen as a figure, this then means that when you post on your platform, your actual engagements will seem lacking in comparison. Furthermore, resulting in your real target audience questioning your business’s reputation and authenticity.   

6) Social Media Goals – Choosing the incorrect ones for you

Another common mistake that should be avoided when using social media is setting the wrong goals. Organic social is a great tool for raising brand awareness and generating a strong online community. However, in regards to online sales, social media is an assistant rather than a direct channel. When assessing your marketing strategy, you should always be aware of what your main goals are and prioritise them accordingly. A vital thing to remember when choosing your marketing path is to understand that organic social media is not an overnight success story. While Social Media can generate great results from the gecko, it also takes time to become a fully established investment in your online marketing strategy.

7) It Takes Time – Not Understanding The Time Frame.

As seen with other online marketing services such as SEO and email marketing, social media results take time. This is usually overlooked when businesses start their social media journey and can result in unrealistic expectations. As previously mentioned, your business’s goals should be prioritised. Therefore, it may be time for you to research other advertising alternatives, for example, paid social media advertising.   

8) Paid Social Media – Is it right for your business?

Paid social media is one of the best ways to generate an audience online and to reach your social media goals. With recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, it has become hard for many businesses to increase their impressions, following and brand awareness online. Therefore, it has become clear that businesses should invest in social media advertising, find out why in this blog – Facebook Algorithm Changes – How Will You Be Affected?

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