Is Analytics the answer to your creative block?

Is Analytics the answer to your creative block?
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We’ve all come to learn that online marketing is centred around customer experience, so it is no surprise that having an actively engaged online presence determines a brand’s success. With this considered it is more important than ever to develop dynamic and personalised digital interactions.

So being creative is the key to developing memorable experiences, but how do we keep inventing such creative content? The answer is in the data, once you analyse your customer and their interests you can harness that information to drive your creativity!

Topping up the creative tank!

It is not conventional practice for data to get involved with the creative aspect of marketing but marketing is evolving, and we must move with the evolution. Google Analytics gives us the ability to measure hundreds of ever-changing online customer behaviours in real time, this data is required for developing a brand.

Now testing ads and content for user response has been common practices for years, but running a campaign is all about achieving great performance, and we have seen that through analysing campaign content and long-term performance we can effectively use the analytical data to influence the campaign content which will improve the overall long-term performance.

Optimise the data

Having customer data during the creative process allows you to put the customer before creativity and by having the customer at the heart of the campaign rather than the product or service you will have a stronger chance of resonating with the target audience, this will seriously improve the campaign’s performance over its lifespan.

Listen & Listen Again

Today’s world of tech savvy users are using ever developing technology, and it is key for you to make your advertising campaign simple, effective and enjoyable. To make this happen you need to tailor your campaign to resonate with the tone and voice of your customers for every step of their journey, this will allow you to engage with them rather than just put your ad in their face.

Having the ability to think in terms of engagement, experience, desire and delight are essential for empathising with your customers, the analytics data can tell you in real time how people are responding to your creative choices, and using this data to structure your creative process will give your brand the best possible impact.

Using these tools and process will provide our tech savvy generation with content they want, and your brand will remain relevant and future-proof, the only thing left to say is to embrace your creativity and enjoy developing structured digital adverts.