4 Ways Social Media will Supercharge your SEO

4 Ways Social Media will Supercharge your SEO
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The SEO world is built up of 3 main components SEO, content marketing and social media. Content marketing is about generating relevant and engaging content to inform and entertain your audience, whereas social media is about promoting the content, and SEO is about making sure the technical ABC’s are done to ensure search engines can find your content.

The SEO promise land is making sure that they all work in sync together, having all these work together help acquire customers and increase website traffic through distributing relevant and engaging content. The reason content marketing and social media is now so important for SEO is due to changes in Google’s algorithms, as they now monitor social activity to influence search rankings.

Below I have listed 4 ways social media supercharges your SEO!

The Simple and effective Google+

This seems fairly obvious but it is often overlooked, adding the content that you want to be ranked for to Google+ will help Google determine you are worthy for a higher position in their search engine.

Boost your influence

To cut a long story short, Google will rank blogs posted on your website and determine if you are a credible source. So now your content has been ranked, Google will also take a look at your social media and determine how much influence you have, it does this by measuring the relevance, reach and resonance your posts has with your audience.

Google monitors Social Media

The Internet is an ever-growing ocean of content, and as Google sails through the ocean it gathers up content and creates an index, so when searches are made Google knows what information to show us. Thankfully social media makes it easier for Google to find the right content as Google monitors Twitter and takes into account, factors like the number of re-tweets, likes, comments and the time it was posted. Content indexation is important for SEO because the faster you can get Google to index your content, the faster you’ll get rewarded through organic traffic to your site.

SEO is that little less technical

Google has made numerous changes to their algorithm and we have now established more than ever that content is king! Google only wants the best, most relevant content for the highest-ranking positions. Google is now more interested in the type of content you are sharing instead of how many keywords can you cram into one blog. Now don’t be mistaken, the technical stuff, such as meta descriptions and titles tags still matters. But, more importantly, it’s how you use those keywords to answer questions your audience is genuinely asking. Rather than just entering a stand-alone keyword like “soup”, and optimise for phrases such as “how to make soup?” This will help you create content that really matters to people.