How To Manage Your Social Media? In-house Or Agency?

How To Manage Your Social Media? In-house Or Agency?
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The use of Social Media for a business is becoming more and more important as we now live an age where cars can read our latest Tweets! But the more pressing question everyone considers is whether or not to outsource it to an agency or keep it in-house?

Some people may say that it is extravagant to hire an agency to manage your Social Media, and the temptation for businesses that feel the need to promote on Social Media, is to give the responsibility to someone like Tim from maintenance, as he enjoys posting the odd Facebook status.

Now before you submerge Tim in the realms of Social Media, the question that you should be asking yourself is, what do you want to achieve by using Social Media?, and do you really want to trust Tim with your entire Social presence?

Why businesses don’t use an agency?

First and foremost its……..COST! We all know that every penny counts when running a small business or start-up and outsourcing your Social Media seems to be an unnecessary expense. But don’t be fooled! Having someone in-house manage your Social Media can be more expensive than you think, so you think it’s free because Tim will do it? Or you’ll hire someone it will be cheaper? Well the average salary for a Social Media Manager is £25,331 per annum, and that doesn’t include any software or equipment that they need, so is an agency really that expensive?

Why is an agency worth the investment?

Social Media is an ever-changing landscape, and with 2.3 Billion active users, it is important to make a good impression as the world is literally watching! New features, algorithms and platform updates are being released all the time, an agency has an up to date knowledge of all this and uses it to promote your businesses content allowing maximum exposure for your brand.

Take us here at DPOM for example, we make it our top priority to research and develop are methods to give our clients the maximum results for their investment, we do this by creating a strategy in line with the business aims and objectives by doing this we deliver brand awareness, audience growth, increased website traffic and conversions. Do you think Tim can provide all this cheaper? By the time Tim has studied all this, his knowledge will most likely be out of date and you out of pocket as you won’t be any further on.

The Verdict!

Businesses who employ people in-house generally don’t understand what is needed to manage a brand’s Social presence and get distracted with liking, following and commenting on content. When the focus should be on how much web traffic are you receiving? Or how many enquiries/sales have you had?

Another typical move fast track a brand Social is to buy followers, this is a categorical No No! You wouldn’t pay someone to be your friend so why pay for someone to follow you? This is what Social Ad’s are for, they present your business to someone that is likely to be interested in what you have to offer, this is the correct way to use paid advertising on Social! Unfortunately, there is no short cut, and Social Media is for building relationships with your customers and offering them relevant content, advice and tips.

TopTip: Remember Less Talking More Listening!

So there you have it! An agency might be a more efficient and cost-effective investment than you first thought. Plus if you are looking for an award-wining agency with Premier Google Partner status! Give DP Online Marketing a call!