Google introducing structured snippet extensions in AdWords

Google introducing structured snippet extensions in AdWords
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Back in March Google introduced dynamic structured snippets, these snippets provided industry specific information (shoe brands for example) on advertisers search ads.  This text however was chosen automatically and some advertisers said they would prefer to manually select which information is shown & which order it is shown in.

Well, Google are now rolling out structured snippet extensions and these allow the advertiser to choose which values are shown – such as brands or amenities – then hand pick which values would make sense for each specific campaign. You can also pick which order these snippets are shown in.

For example if you’re running ads for a hotel that has a swimming pool, Wi-Fi & a gym – you can show the searcher that you offer these services.

The update is designed to give users more flexibility & control when choosing which key features to highlight in their ads. In the coming weeks it will be interesting to see what results advertisers receive.