DPOM Attend Google Partner Celebration

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DPOM Attend Google Partner Celebration
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As a leading Google Partner in the UK, DPOM were recently invited to the Google Partners Badge celebration at Google HQ in London.

Brett, Nige and Jayme headed down to London to enjoy a night of interesting talks, entertainment and not to mention, spectacular views over London from the Google balcony.


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The night was kicked off with a great talk by Marzia from Google Arts and Culture followed by an amazing Google Tilt Brush demonstration by Lee Bofkin, CEO of Global Street Art. For those that don’t know, Tilt Brush is a virtual reality system designed to let you paint anything, anywhere such as graffiti on a cityscape and our very own Jayme used it to paint a very ‘interesting’ Garfield cat!

The night had a few other treats in store including a magician (who correctly guessed DPOM Director Brett’s Debit Card Pin Code!) a Mario Cart competition and the inevitable constant supply of wine and beer.

A great night was had by all!