Google Improving Mobile Ad Experience

Google Improving Mobile Ad Experience
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During Google’s Step Inside AdWords presentation we were educated on how they intend to manage the ever-increasing expectation of mobile searches.

They’ve been using information that they’ve gathered using their own insight into how people search along with user feedback in order to create a completely new experience for consumers.

The new ads will be optimally focused on screen swipes rather than mouse clicks, the idea behind these new ads is to be richer and more engaging.

Automotive Ads

According to Google around half of the searches for cars contain images. People want to see the car they’re searching for in the best light, especially when they are looking to purchase a car. Google also states that car buyers spend up to 15 hours online researching & learning about their dream car. The new Ads are designed as a carousel of images, showing images of everything the car has to offer and by tapping on the screen of your smartphone the image will provide even more information such as horsepower or top speed.

Google Carousel Dodge Challenger 2

If you click the Dealers tab you will be taken to a page that shows nearby dealer listing allowing for a quick and easy purchase should you come to your decision.

Hotel Ads

There have been multiple scenarios during my lifetime that I have been in the city and needing a hotel for one reason or another. These new hotel ads are quite impressive. Any hotel that is a partner will have access to these ads and they include: Google street view, availability, reviews, locations & prices.

Hilton 2

When the traveller is ready to book the hotel they can select ‘book’ and complete the reservation at the partners site.


Buying property, regardless of whether you’re a first time buyer or not, is a huge commitment. Mortgages are soon to be the newest addition to Google compare. Users will be able to customise the criteria of their mortgage requirements so they can find the best mortgage provider quickly and efficiently.

The information available to users looking for a mortgage is vital as no one individual is the same, having values such as interest rate, terms of loan and fees available on your finger tips would be convenience of the highest order.