5 Reasons to choose digital advertising over print

5 Reasons to choose digital advertising over print
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Businesses are spending more each year on digital advertising, as the time the average person spends online continues to increase. While print advertising still has its place in a well-rounded advertising campaign, companies are prioritising online ad spend as it is proving more effective in reaching customers, raising brand awareness and creating sales opportunities.

Here are five reasons any business should be considering a digital advertising campaign…


1. Target your audience

With print, the list of publications read by your audience is limited, and you can’t directly target the people your product or service would appeal to. Digital advertising allows you to target consumers based on factors such as age, location and search history. You no longer need to waste advertising on people who would never have been interested.

2. Perfect your ads

When you advertise online, you can get very precise feedback on whether your advertising strategy works. You can try out different copy, images and locations for your ads, and learn from which ones work best to improve your conversation rate in the future. You can also choose which demographics to target based on who responded best to previous ads.

3. Instant results

When someone sees a print ad, they might make a note to look up your company later, but digital advertising can directly convert the curious into customers. Online ads are clickable, meaning the user is quickly and smoothly transported to a site where they can make a purchase or enquiry.

4. Get creative

There are no boundaries to what you can do with a digital ad, and the medium allows for a new level of creativity. Interactive adverts are particularly eye-catching and effective. You could include a video or audio clip, or animation to grab the user’s attention, or even a fun interactive game.

5. Flexible costs

Taking out a print advert is a big expense, but digital advertising is affordable for businesses at any level. You can start small and test out the results before committing to a large advertising spend, or set aside a certain budget per month and experiment with different ways to spend it.