Social media – the canon in your digital armoury

Social media – the canon in your digital armoury

Love it or loathe it, social media is central to modern communications and also the linchpin of most digital marketing campaigns.

For anyone with lingering doubts about its ability to make or break company reputations, read on.

Some crucial facts

Let’s start with some of the numbers to illustrate how much social media cuts through all aspects of modern living.

What other form of communication can reach a 2.80 billion global audience? That is 37% of people in the world using social media in 2017.

Don’t be fooled into thinking they are there just for lighthearted banter and to watch videos of kittens either.

Put it this way, in one survey, 71% of consumers reported that a good social media experience with a brand would make them more likely to recommend it.

But if you automatically associate that with setting up your own company social media profiles and product promotions, then it may not be that easy. 96% of people discussing brands online don’t actually follow those company’s profiles.

How to look beyond the stats

So what does all that mean to the modern marketing professional and a company who wants to promote brands as cost effectively as possible?

It means the opportunities to use social media to fire off strong marketing messages are huge.

It is increasingly where people get their ideas, recommendations and research from. There is an implied third-party endorsement if they see brand information others have shared, liked or commented on.

Social media is also being accessed on the go, at any location, around the clock. So you not only have an audience in unparalleled numbers, you also have their attention like never before.

However, simply setting up your own social media profiles and sitting back to “reap the benefits” is a long way wide of the mark.

Social media is about conversations. It is a constantly shifting, always updating and infinitely dynamic communications medium.

How to capture social media benefits

To effectively harness the potential of social media for your brand involves being creative and “fast on your feet”. You need to go beyond your own pages and profiles to gather insights and find often spontaneous ways to promote your brand.

Visual content is particularly vibrant and vital. Imagery is more shareable and attention-grabbing than ever and has more platforms for product promotion such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

<b>Double edged sword</b>

Lastly, but probably most significantly, your well-planned, creative and responsive digital marketing plan for social media needs a flip side. An issue management plan for when social media shows its disadvantages, and a bad review or brand problem goes viral.

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