Why Might Game End Up As Broke As Blockbuster?

Why Might Game End Up As Broke As Blockbuster?
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We all know that online marketing has become a critical part of any business’s marketing strategy. But we don’t all get it right, and Game are getting it very wrong.

With many of us turning to Steam for its ease or our console online stores it’s more important than ever for Game to up its game when it comes to online presence. You may not have noticed much online presence for the UK chain and that’s because they haven’t really made the transition into online advertising or strengthened their online presence.

What’s Going Wrong?

With Blockbuster having gone bust just a few years ago in a very similar industry to Game it makes us question the direction in which Game is heading. What exactly happened with Blockbuster? Well, it’s safe to say a number of things killed the high street chain however it’s lack of online presence greatly contributed. Having to compete with likes of Netflix made it near on impossible for the chain to make money however they had every opportunity to move online before Netflix moved up through the ladder. What’s this got to do with Game? With the likes of Steam thriving online Game are in the same position as blockbuster just a few years ago. If they don’t move digital soon they could be in for a rather tough time over the next few years.

Game’s Profits are Already Tumbling

With Games profits tumbling a whooping 84% in 2016 we are already seeing the signs of a failing company, however, there’s still time to fix things. With an established brand, they could make the move to go digital easily but they need to do it soon.

Only time will tell what will happen with Game in the coming months and years but it is definitely worth watching to see which direction this once loved brand will go.