15 More Great Ideas for your social media content

15 More Great Ideas for your social media content
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We’ve brought back this blog for some more Ideas for your Social Media Content. We’ve added onto our list that covers Personal, Business and Promotional related ideas to keep you inspired. Let us know the ones you’ve tried or which ones worked best for you.


1. Polls:

While Facebook offers built-in polls, I find running them manually works best for boosting engagement (e.g. “Which of these books is your favourite?”)


2. Link to a controversial blog post: 

There’s nothing better for eliciting engagement than a little controversy.


3. Share a work/life balance tip: 

Your social media followers want to know you’re a real person with the same struggles as them. Share a tip you’ve learned for balancing work, life and family.


4. Share popular Reddit topic:

Visit Reddit’s Trending Subreddit page to find popular and trending topics to post about.


5. Share a comic or meme:

Getting your customers to laugh with you is a great way to start building relationships.


6. Hold a debate on social media:

This can go downhill pretty quickly, so be sure to stay on top of it!


7. Tag another Facebook page:

Generate some good karma by helping to promote another business.


8. Share breaking industry news:

Stay on stop of what’s going on in your industry or niche by using Google Alerts.


9. Ask for questions:

Let your fans ask you anything.


10. Post a ‘truth or false’ question:

Let your fans guess whether it’s the truth or a myth.


11. Celebrate odd holidays: 

For instance, did you know August 18th is Bad Poetry Day? Use a tool like Days of the Year to find out what today’s holiday is.


12. Awards or accolades you’ve received:

Just do this carefully…the idea is to build trust, not to brag.


13. Offer expert insights into a topic:

This helps establish you as a thought leader in your field.


14. Make an industry prediction:

Speculate on what’s in store for your niche or industry.


15. Weekly round up:

Post a list of the ‘must read’ articles for the week.