15 Great Ideas for your Social Media Content

15 Great Ideas for your Social Media Content
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Need some Ideas for your Social Media Content? This list covers Personal, Business and Promotional related ideas to keep you inspired. Let us know which ones you’ve tried or which ones worked best for you.


1. Post a branded Image:

Post a funny or inspirational image with your logo or website URL on it.


2. Infographics:

Find an infographic your followers would appreciate. Check out Daily Infographic for ideas, or better yet, create your own.


 3. Behind the scene photo:  

Take candid shots of yourself, your employees, or snap a shot of your office or workspace.


 4. Questions:

Pose simple, basic questions that your followers can answer quickly.



Humorous, inspiring or motivational quotes always perform well.


 6. Link to your most popular blogs:

Give a brief intro to the post and explain why it’s your most read and shared post.


 7. Random posts that show you’re a real person:

For instance, what you had for dinner last night or what you’re doing this weekend.


 8. Share a trending twitter topic:

Use Topsy to find content that’s popular and trending on Twitter.


 9. Recommend someone else to follow on social media:

Share a link to someone else’s social media profile and encourage your fans to ‘like’ or follow them.


 10. Latest company news:

Anything changing in your business? New employee? New hours of operation? New product offering?


 11. Do a post series:  

We do this on our blogs, why not on social media? Share a series of similar posts over a certain number of days.


 12. Find out what your competitors are sharing and do it better:

An easy way to do this is by using a tool like Social Crawlytics.


 13. Post a link to an old blog:

There’s nothing wrong with recycling, and old posts will gain new engagement, extending their life.


 14. Statistic/Data:

Share new, relevant industry statistics (these perform great in terms of retweets and shares)


15. Take a trip down memory lane:  

Share photos of old logos, websites or your very first product.