Google implementing automated extensions for PLA’s

Google implementing automated extensions for PLA’s
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Google obviously want to ensure that shoppers have the best experiences possible and the only way to ensure this is to keep making positive changes. Well that’s exactly what Google are doing with regards to shopping ads. Promotional text is a feature that is added to your ad groups in AdWords, people use this to highlight specific offers such as free shipping. Google’s now introducing automated extensions for these PLA’s.

 Automated Extensions

The new extensions will be displayed alongside product listing ads at no additional effort or cost. The way this will function is Google will use information from your merchant centre & data feed showing shipping & price drop information thus making your ads more appealing – without you doing anything at all.

Google claims that customers prefer the new automated extensions to the promotional text feature & merchants receive a better click through rate using them – so at the end of September they will be shelving this feature and start using the new automated ad text.

This update will not effect those who are currently using promotional text – you will not have to make any changes & your ads will continue to show to potential customers on Google.

However if you’re looking at promoting other offers Google strongly recommends you take advantage of their other shopping extensions:


Finally this feature’s availability varies by country – search the Google help centre for more information on availability & automated extensions.