How to continue without Google Authorship

How to continue without Google Authorship
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Google’s Authorship experiment, now deemed a failure, has finally reached the end of the line, meaning that Google will stop using the rel=author markup in order to keep tabs on content attached to a self-identified author. The result of this is that no more authorship features will be viewable from its results pages. But what does that mean for authors exactly?

Well, the Authorship experiment was essentially introduced as a means of tracking content to authors in order to better judge their level of authority as a method of ranking, and Google encouraged writers and bloggers to use the rel=author mark-up. The project eventually failed because users were not really seeing any real return on value, and eventually Google decided to give up the ghost on Authorship. However, that doesn’t mean that Google has given up on the overall idea.


Author rank


It’s not all bad news for authors who have spent time working on their Google+ credentials. Author Rank is still going strong, as Google has found other methods to help identify authors and high-quality, authoritative content.

In fact, you can still build on your Author Rank without using Authorship, as long as you focus on building your authority whilst holding onto your Google+ account – it’s essential you keep using this, otherwise it won’t work. While you’re at it, always use bylines wherever possible, as Google will be looking for these in order to help increase your Author rank.


Put in the time


It’s still absolutely essential that you create a strong presence on Google+, taking time on your profile and building up your credentials to the best of your ability. This means being active on the many platforms Google+ has to offer, including interacting with people and getting involved in things like hangouts. Chances are, taking the time to do this will make people more likely to add you to their circles.

On that note, it’s also important to network. Making strong connections and finding your own little niche will give you an overall bigger appeal, as long as you know what you’re talking about and can bring something original, refreshing and new to the table.

Your content is also a vital ingredient here, so take the time to come up with carefully thought-out and relevant titles that will get people’s attentions and start up discussions. Remember, Google is striving to provide better ways to recognise and credit authoritative authors, so chances are, your hard work will not go unrecognised.