Can high-quality copy and strategic SEO truly be used harmoniously?

Can high-quality copy and strategic SEO truly be used harmoniously?

One of the major questions surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, for the uninitiated) is the extent to which it should be allowed to dictate the content of company blogs and other online promotional material. Certainly it’s important to make sure engines such as Google and Bing will put your content high on results lists so that your brand can reach as many people as possible. On the other hand, if all the people you reach are tuning out they moment they find you because they’re confronted with a clunky block of text filled with phrases that have obviously been shoehorned in, then the exercise may do more harm than good. In short, when you’re trying to promote your company, you have to walk a thin and precarious line between grabbing the maximum number of viewers with SEO and holding the attention of the ones you get with engaging and well-structured prose.


So where exactly do you draw that line?


Where do you make the compromise between nabbing page-views and fully engaging your readers? Most importantly: do you have to compromise at all? The answer is a resounding “no”: if you’re prepared to make the investment of time and energy necessary, it’s entirely possible to weave AdWords and other SEO techniques into content that still holds your viewers’ attention and keeps reading along right to the end of the content.

It’s well-known that online editions of newspapers and magazines routinely use SEO in conjunction with attention-grabbing keywords to pull in the greatest number of viewers. These publications have to keep their audience engaged because they’re highly dependent on repeat custom from regular site-visitors. It’s obvious that they’re not compromising on the quality of their content when they utilise SEO, so why should your business?


Why should your business use SEO?


Perhaps the greatest lesson online magazines and newspapers have to teach us about SEO in quality content is in their use of highly-talented content creators. Such outlets use a regular, in-house team of writers who have come to understand the needs of the institution they’re working for and who have had practice weaving SEO into the type of content those outlets produce.

In other words, if you want to interlace Search Engine Optimisation with excellent prose, the first step is to invest in and nurture a dedicated team of content-creators who will be able to promote your business through both strategic use of SEO and good old fashioned quality content. It might seem like a big investment, but it stands to produce a serious pay-off.