What is SEO?

What is SEO?
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DP Online Marketing Agency staffers Brett Dixon and Ben Sharpe talk SEO Basics in our latest video. We’re are never going to become TV Presenters but we think our unrehearsed and “off the cuff” video style make it a little easier to watch than perhaps the billions of other SEO videos out there!


The Video in Brief



In summary, we discus SEO in 2012;


  • How to get good quality backlinks, what not to do when it comes to backlink creation
  • Content – What good quality content actually is and why you should focus more on your website content
  • Social Media – the convergence of SEO and Social Media and why you should be doing it. (as well as a mention of our favourite Social Media tool – Hootsuite (although Brett somehow forgot it’s name even though he uses it every day!)
  • Keyword Research – What to look out for and how to find new keywords – Sanity not vanity keywords!
  • Here’s the link to the Hubspot Report mentioned in the video.
  • We hope you find the video helpful and entertaining and feel free to comment on the video on You Tube.