The importance of social media for the small businesses

The importance of social media for the small businesses
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Social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. But what about the small business? How can social media help to boost the productivity and online presence of the small business? Well, social media has a pivotal role to play. It is important to remember that customers are the backbone of the small business industry and can help to both shape and build up success. Customers have a voice, and it is this voice, with its link to social media, which is vital to the small business.

Relationship with customers

Customer loyalty is the driving force behind the small business. To gain customer loyalty you need to first engage with your customers and build up a working relationship. An easy way to this is by striking up a conversation. Start that dialogue, and a good place to do so, with instant results, is via social media. Get your brand or business on Twitter and Facebook and begin that conversation.

Less expensive

Many small businesses cannot afford large advertising packages, and so a cheaper alternative is that of embracing the world of social media. Don’t worry too much about marketing and paying for huge marketing ads, instead focus on the customer and the marketing will follow. A good idea is to place special offers and special discounts to your Facebook and Twitter followers. In turn, they will tell their friends and family about the local offers. You can also go one step further and add those who share or tweet into a prize draw. The opportunities are plentiful and will not cost you a penny.

The trusted way to sell your services

When customers read about your products on Twitter or Facebook it is pretty much taken at face value, as opposed to a paid advert in the local press. Social media is a trusted platform for the small business and your customers will happily take on board your ideas and share them with others.

Social media is instant and present

One huge benefit to the small business who utilises social media is that you get instant results. You can chat with customers in real time and you can share the most recent updates and offers. This is hugely beneficial. Customers don’t like to talk to robots, conversing with an actual person will help to sell your brand and products.