You don’t need a brand ‘trumpet’, you need a marketing orchestra!

You don’t need a brand ‘trumpet’, you need a marketing orchestra!
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There are no quick fixes or instant solutions to attracting and retaining customers.

Nor is any one customer the same as the next. Even if you have a clearly defined ‘customer avatar’ you surely know that individual choice and decision making are pivotal.

All the customer data you can lay your hands on will still draw you back to one inevitable conclusion. Winning new customers and holding on to existing ones can take time and patience.


Wooing and winning sales

The patience comes in the form of giving potential customers different ways to find you. Whether that’s traditional methodology such as printed materials and phone lines, email campaigns or synergic digital promotions.

Digital marketing should employ multi-channels to get people to visit your site, but also well-orchestrated User Experience (UX) values to guide them to your transaction page.

Giving people various ways to find you – and then engage with you – is the only way of being sure you ‘tick the right boxes’ in terms of personal preference and interest.


Understanding and weaving together channels

The word ‘orchestrate’ is important though. Scattergun campaigns across every available communications channel are highly unwise!

Everything needs to work together, to become greater than the sum of its individual parts.

This could include, for example, a strong SEO campaign to support organic search success, that dovetails with paid-for digital ads – such as Google – to drive even more traffic to your site.

Having a full appreciation of the plethora of ways customers could potentially find you also means varying your social media activities strategically. If you still group ‘social media’ into one homogenous communications platform, you could be seriously underperforming.

The different social networks are morphing increasingly into different age classifications and other demographic groupings. Unless you’re posting Content with that diversity in mind, you could be whistling in the wind.


Keeping them coming back

Running multiple marketing activities – in a focused and well-orchestrated way – also gives you more than one bite of the cherry.

If all your marketing investment is geared towards instant lead conversion from the first visit to your website, your numbers could be disappointing.

If your digital marketing strategy works to ‘woe’ site visitors back, then looking longer-term your return on investment could be much higher.

This is where expertise and true insight comes into its own. Your website (and all paths leading to it) should be cleverly devised to invite multiple visits. Your User Experience (UX) values should be superb.

If customers don’t buy the first time, you need to give them compelling reasons to come back when their need or desire for your product gets higher.

Multichannel digital marketing – coupled with powerful UX – builds a fertile online sales funnel. It’s the only way to keep customers coming back for more, more often.

Let us show you how this would work for you.