DPOM commences world domination with second office opening in Nottingham

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DPOM commences world domination with second office opening in Nottingham
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DPOM’s a proud Skegness business, but even we have big city dreams. That’s why we’re opening a second office in Nottingham, named the top city for small business growth in England.

Our birthplace on the Lincolnshire coast is a mere stone’s throw from the arcade we used up all our change in once and the aquarium that does two-for-one sometimes, but we decided that having another workspace in Nottingham would be sensible for the following reasons:


  1. You lot, our clients, will no longer have to drive two hours through the countryside just to come and say hello to us. Well, not unless you have a strong urge for some bracing sea air or a grease-stained bag of deep-fried doughnuts.
  2. We hear it’s vastly easier to hire people if you aren’t just based in Skeggy, population 19,579. The talent pool in Nottingham is way bigger – its population is 15 times the size – and we want to employ some of them (just the good ones, mind).
  3. There are more small businesses in Nottingham, and therefore more potential new clients for the pickings. We have clients from all four corners of the UK but, sometimes, just being able to meet a human who buys you a slice of Victoria sponge can seal the deal.
  4. If MPs get second homes, DPOM definitely should. We work harder and we even do yes-no answers.
  5. After-work drinks just got more exciting (sorry Wolfies).


In true DPOM style, there’ll be no pool tables, dart boards, bean bags, basketball nets or miniature peace gardens in our cool new office. We might stretch to a potted plant, on the proviso that it asks very little of us. And, for any clients that stop by, we promise ice-cold Leffe and Wagon Wheels. Beer and biscuits, we do well.

So please redirect your 2019 Christmas cards to: DP Online Marketing, 6th Floor, City Gate East Tollhouse Hill, Nottingham NG1 5FS.

Here’s to the future!