Get Vocal and Search

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Get Vocal and Search
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As the media have told us recently, mobile search is overtaking desktop search. What does this mean? Quite simply with today’s smart phones and tablets it’s easier to use for search queries especially if you’re on the move. Now, smart businesses are aware of this and are ensuring that their websites are mobile friendly and will display their site in a format conducive with mobile devices. If they don’t people will simply go to a competitor and they will lose out.

Miniscule Virtual Keyboards?

There is a train of thought amongst some that mobile search is a fad and that people will soon get annoyed typing on miniscule virtual keyboards searching for a particular product. That was once a valid point; a few years ago you wouldn’t want to chance frostbite as you removed your glove from your typing hand in the depths of winter whilst trying to locate the latest fashion accessory from a local supplier.

nexusae0_VoiceSearch-ThumbVirtual Assistants

Seriously, if you are a business putting off having a mobile responsive site then you will probably go the way of the Dodo. With the creation of software such as Siri, Google Now and Cortana, mobile search is much easier, faster and more convenient. Your hands stay warmer too! Today’s technology allows searchers to speak in a natural way to their mobile devices to initiate a search. The accuracy of these “virtual assistants” are impressive and due to the competition will get better and better.

Embrace it

You also need to consider wearable technology such as smart watches where you don’t even have to take your expensive smart phone out of your pocket. This is the future now for search and if, as a business, you fail to embrace it then your competitors will be the ones that benefit.

searchGood News for the Small Retailer

I genuinely believe that mobile search will bring the smaller independent retailer back into play, especially in a local sense. If they invest in a mobile responsive site and market their business correctly, then they can be back in the ball game and improve their local turnover and footfall. Mobile search will only grow in popularity so now is an excellent opportunity to take advantage and build your mobile identity.