Google dials up more success for business

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Google dials up more success for business
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Online marketing just got a whole lot easier – on mobile, at least. Thanks to the dramatic rise of the now ubiquitous smartphone, and the soaring rates of searching being done on the devices, Google has devised a new AdWords feature designed to boost conversion rates.

It’s called Call-Only advertising and it means exactly what it says: although ads appear as they normally do in a Google mobile search, unlike the traditional type, they’re not clickable. Instead, users can only make a phone call directly to the firm.

Why exactly has Google introduced this? Because, it says, 70% of mobile users searching for products and services on the go call a business directly from the results they get – they’re not looking to visit a website and browse around; they want contact right now.

These search results, therefore, won’t have the effect of driving traffic to websites, and are “uniquely built for businesses that value phone calls more than website clicks”, Google said in a blog post introducing the new service.

The ads – whether for brands or corporate advertising – will list an advertiser’s phone number but will also include a call button that users can tap to get straight through to the firm. To encourage people to do that, and maximise clients’ return on investment, Google advises that the small text ads include a call to action – or a “creative”, as the search giant also terms this invaluable piece of advertising copy – something like “call now to get a discount!” to goad mobile users into action.

The cost of this added feature is the same as standard pay-per-click rates. It’s important to bear in mind that if you’re considering Google’s Call-Only ads, they will only work on smartphones that have the capability to make calls this way. Campaigns can quickly and easily be set up using the AdWords platform, and it takes over from the previous call extension that was far more complicated to set up.

Over the coming weeks, all suitable DPOM AdWords Management clients have this new feature automatically set up in their account. If you’re not a DPOM client, make sure your AdWords managers take advantage of this new feature now!
To find out more about Call-Only ads, visit Google Support. If you’re interested in how AdWords could help your business, get in touch with dpom today [insert email].