NEWS: Google Says “Don’t Build Links” Yawn.

NEWS: Google Says “Don’t Build Links” Yawn.


The above picture of the yawning cat is about as interesting as this blog post gets. In the interest of keeping up with industry “news” however, please find a news post about link building which isn’t really news, below.

Yesterday, the leading source of SEO news Search Engine Land published a story quoting John Mueller of Google answering the following question:

“Is link building is in any way good?”

His answer?

That is a good question.

In general, I’d try to avoid that.

We do use links as part of our algorithm but we use lots and lots of other factors as well. So only focusing on links is probably going to cause more problems for your web site that actually helps.


To many SEO’s this news is groundbreaking. To the rest of us, it’s not news. After years of Google penalising websites for unnatural link building there are (unbelievably) members of the SEO community still advocating link building. Even in the face of this “news” they still continue (Just read the comments on the original article here.)

This is yet more evidence that 89% of SEO’s are truly idiots.